Making A DIY Ultrasonic Fogger

A DIY ultrasonic fogger is a device that has been made at home following the instructions given in a manual or the internet or a book of instruction. A fogger is a device or gadget as the term describes it to create fog. The next question that arises is the purpose of creating fog by a DIY ultrasonic fogger. The fog thus created by the fogger can be classified into different types. If the fog consists of insecticide it may be used in plants in the garden to kill insects which affect growth. Predominantly, it is used as a device to control pests. The fog can be created from various chemicals, liquids, and even dry ice. Fogs created by water are used in parties at home or even dance clubs and home landscaping.  Since the fog is of high humidity it can be utilized for germination in greenhouses for the growth of plants.

While the ultrasonic fogger is available as a pest control device in the market, the DIY ultrasonic fogger is the same device made by you by using materials which are less expensive or improving the existing item to develop into an ultrasonic fogger which is home made. It can be called a DIY ultrasonic fogger. It is incorrect to presume that it is expensive to make a DIY ultrasonic fogger. There are two ways to go about it. One is to buy all the materials required to make and assemble it as per the do it yourself instruction. The other method is to modify an existing gadget by making small additions and changes which could work as a fogger. The operational part of a DIY ultrasonic fogger will not differ from an ultrasonic fogger.

Basically, ultrasonic foggers work on a method by which the ultrasonic sound waves are used to emit millions of water droplets. The application varies from agricultural to personal purposes. In agriculture it has dual purposes. A DIY ultrasonic fogger is used to fight the pests while on the other hand with the help of nutrients it helps the plants to grow. Irrespective of the type of fogger - whether it is bought from the market or a DIY ultrasonic fogger - it does not matter whether it is used for agricultural purposes or used for a party in the home to create a misty night atmosphere.

The general perception is that to make a fogger at home is a difficult and time consuming process. The list of materials consists of an insulated container, inlet and outlet pipe, mist maker, air compressor mineral oil, distilled water and glycerin. Following the simple instructions available in the internet the DIY ultrasonic fogger can be homemade easily. It has to be maintained properly by cleaning it after every use so that this fogger works for you for quite some time. In the normal course of use if you are using chemicals see to it that it is not spreading to your neighbors. Prolonged use of chemicals and exposure to the fog could lead to development of allergies or problems relating to breathing. Still, the DIY ultrasonic fogger is a very handy tool.

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